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0 to 6 MONTHS

Qualified Doctors
Our Doctors are GMC registered and working in the UK. We only use Doctors with appropriate training and experience
24 Hours Service
After any procedure we are available 24 hours a day and will contact patients as soon as possible. However in the rare occasion, If you feel it is an emergency then contact 999 or 111
Clinic Details
Procedures undertaken in GP Practice in Derby
8.00 – 17.00
Age Range
0 to 6 MONTHS

About Us

Choosing the right circumcision clinic for you child

Providing treatment by experienced DOCTORS

We believe that choosing to have your son circumcised can be a decision which isn’t taken lightly.  We guide and provide support for the parents ensuring you have all the information before and after the procedure.  

The Procedure is undertaken by Qualified Doctors ONLY and under strict conditions to ensure infection risk is reduced and only use sterile (one time use) equipment only.

why us?

Safety Measures In Our Derby Clinic

Qualified Doctors

Doctors are GMC registered with UK circumcision training.

Personal Service

Prior to any procedure we make sure the parents understand the procedure and have excellent after service

GP Clinic Room

We use a Clinic in Derby, ensuring CQC standards are met reducing risk


All Doctor will provide all the relevant information and we will also provide leaflets

Emergency Contact

You can contact us if you are concerned

Follow Up

We will follow up the child after the procedure

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    Meet Our Doctors

    Dr A Sabir



    Dr Sabir completed BM Medicine at the University of Southamptom (UK) in 2010. After finishing university, Dr Sabir has completed MRCGP GP training. 

    He has completed training in Circumcision procedure for male babies specialising in the bell method (Plastibell/Circumplast Ring method).

    Dr Sabir is also trained in Minor surgical procedures, botox/fillers/aesthetics and Joint Injections.

    He is currently a GP Partner in a Practice in Derby

    OUR location

    Circumcision Clinic in Derby


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